What Is Step-Up and Step-Down Transformer and Their Differences?

Transformers are very important in managing the power. There are mainly two types of transformers i.e. step-up and step-down. Vajra Transpower is one of the major electrical transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad.

A transformer is a static device and does not have any moving parts. The transformers have both residential and industrial applications. There are many applications of transformers in day to day life. Before knowing more about transformers, let’s see what a transformer is.

What is an electric Transformer?

A transformer is an electrical device that transfers the electrical energy from on circuit to another circuit with change in the level of voltage. Electric transformers are used to handle AC voltages and there are two types of transformers. 

  1. Step-up transformer 
  2. Step-down transformer

There are many transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad. Vajra Transpower is a transformer manufacturing company, and it is located in Hyderabad. They manufacture different kinds of electrical equipment or devices like transformers, stabilizers etc. Vajra Transpower is also a step-up and step-down transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad

Working principle of a transformer

A transformer works on the magnetic induction principle, in which two or more insulated coils are wounded on the laminated steel core. When current is passed a voltage is generated on one coil called as a primary coil. Then the voltage is induced in another coil, called secondary coil. The change in the voltage is dependent on the number of turns on the laminated coils. 

What are step-up and step-down transformers?

It is very simple to understand, the transformer which increases the output voltage is termed as a step-up transformer. And the transformer which decreases the output voltage is termed as a step-down transformer. 

Many electric transformers manufacturers in Hyderabad, manufacture step-up and step-down transformers. Vajra is a popular step-down and step-up transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad.

Major difference between step-up and step-down transformers

A transformer cannot be differentiated based on the working principle, design or core construction because both of them are alike. A Power transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad manufactures both transformers using the same principle, but they both can be differentiated only when we put them to work. Let’s check some working differences between both the transformers.

  • In a step-up transformer, the primary winding is made up of thick insulated copper wire and secondary winding is made by thin insulated copper wire. But in the step-down transformer, the both windings are in reverse. 
  • High magnetic field is developed in the primary winding of a step-up transformer, while in case of step-down secondary winding will have a high magnetic field.
  • The rated output of a step-up transformer extends from 220v-11kv and above.
  • The rated output of a step-down transformer reduces from 440 to 220 v or 220v to 110v etc.

Generally, step-up transformers are used for high power transformers like, in power plants, X-ray machines, microwaves etc. The step-down transformers are used in power distribution like, in residential areas, voltage convertors etc. 

If you are looking for a transformer manufacturing company, then Vajra Transpower can help you by providing step-up and step-down transformers according to your requirements. Vajra is also a step-up and step-down transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad. It is also a popular and trusted electric transformers manufacturer in Hyderabad. 


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