The Distinct Types of Fireplace Options Available to You

Fireplaces have been around for quite some time now. It is still one of the topmost preferences when it comes to remodeling or revamping a home.


Fireplaces have been around for quite some time now. It is still one of the topmost preferences when it comes to remodeling or revamping a home. And not to forget it is the oldest and the best king of heating systems to have. They have evolved and become better over time be it technology-wise or by looks.

The following list will help you understand the different types of fireplaces that are available to you. If you are looking to buy a fireplace or just looking for fireplace insulation services, there are many reputed fireplace stores in Peterborough, ON and surrounding areas, that can help you out.

Here are the different types of fireplaces that you can install in your humble abode:

  1. Wood burning fireplaces:

When someone mentions a fireplace - everyone typically pictures this type of fireplace. A traditional wood burning fireplace is ideal for those who dream of having a crackling fireplace. This type of fireplace is traditional and dates back to a long-time, but its wide range of options in the present day will keep you in awe. Wood burning fireplaces come in the following types:

  1. Enclosed fireplaces: Like the name suggests enclosed wood burning fireplaces are enclosed rather than open.
  2. Wood fireplace inserts: Wood fireplace inserts are made to directly fit into your existing fireplace by just sliding it into the opening. These inserts are enclosed which allows you to turn an inefficient open-hearth heating system into a highly fuel-efficient and an effective one.
  3. Wood burning stoves: Wood burning stoves are not entirely or technically a fireplace, but they are great alternatives which allow you to burn wood for heating purposes without requiring a fireplace.
  4. Traditional open-hearth: This is probably the most common type of fireplace to ever have existed. Traditional open-hearth fireplaces have existed for centuries and are typically made of brick or stone. This type of fireplace needs a fair amount of construction work for both the chimney for proper ventilation and the opening itself.


  1. Gas burning fireplaces:

Gas burning fireplaces are the kind of fireplaces that typically burn more cleanly than wood burning fireplaces while producing large amounts of heat at a cheaper cost. They are also much easier to install or reconstruct when compared to wood burning fireplaces making it a great indoor fireplace. Gas burning fireplaces also come in distinct types:

  1. Gas fireplace: Gas fireplaces are those fireplaces built into the wall and run on either natural gas or propane.
  2. Gas fireplace inserts: Gas fireplace inserts are used to convert old masonry fireplaces into gas fireplaces by simply inserting it into the existing opening.
  3. Gas stoves: Gas stove fireplaces are gas versions of freestanding stoves that are installed inside a room or inside an existing masonry fireplace.

You can also opt for gas fireplace inserts and gas fireplace stoves. Peterborough is spoilt for choices when it comes to quality stores that have gas fireplaces for sale, which is good news for you as a consumer.

  1. Electric fireplaces:

Electric fireplaces are probably the most cost-effective option out of all the types of fireplaces in the market. An added benefit of these fireplaces is that they are fairly easy to install and provide the perfect amount of heating necessary. Electric fireplaces are available in a variety of models including the most popular designs such as:

  1. Electric fireplace inserts: These electric inserts are specifically designed to fit inside an existing fireplace.
  2. Panorama: Panorama electric fireplaces are the types that are up to 106” wide.
  3. Electric fireplace mantels: This kind of electric fireplace has two major components including a separate mantle that contains the firebox and vent-free firebox with a realistic flame effect.

Fireplaces are a great addition to one’s home and are great heating systems. So, if you have been planning for a fireplace installation then make sure to reach out to the finest fireplace stores in Peterborough for quality fireplace installation services.