The Current Situation And Development Trend of Washer Motor II

The Current Situation And Development Trend of Washer Motor II



With the development of society, Washer Motor continue to develop in high power density, energy saving, environmental protection (low noise), which also determines that variable speed motors will become mainstream washer motor. Fixed-speed motors are basically single-phase asynchronous motors with capacitive operation. They are induction motors and can be divided into single-speed motors and two-speed motors.

Single-speed motor: There are two appearance windings erect to anniversary added in the stator. One appearance is affiliated to the ability accumulation through a appearance alive capacitor. The rotor consists of a amount and a accumulate cage. There is no absolute affiliation amid the stator and the rotor. The stator ambagious After getting energized, a alternating alluring acreage is generated, and the alternating alluring acreage induces an induced accepted in the rotor cage, and the two collaborate to accomplish an electromagnetic force. It has the advantages of simple anatomy and low amount of the Washer Motor, and the active achievement is aswell good, but the starting achievement is hardly poor and the acceleration cannot be adjusted. Single acceleration motors are mainly acclimated on pulsator abrasion machines.

Two-speed motor: The assumption is the aforementioned as that of single-speed motor. The aberration is the stator of this blazon of motor. There are two sets of altered windings for altered speeds. According to the ambagious structure, it can be disconnected into abstracted ambagious and aggregate winding. Two types.

(1) Split ambagious two-speed motor: The stator has two sets of absolutely absolute windings of altered pole numbers, such as 2 poles / 6 poles, 2 poles / 16 poles, 4 poles / 6 poles, and the like. It is accepted from the characteristics of the consecration motor that the rotor cage will automatically anatomy the aforementioned amount of poles as the alternating alluring acreage of the stator. Therefore, altered washer motor speeds can be acquired by powering the stator windings of altered pole numbers to acclimate to altered requirements.

(2) Aggregate ambagious two-speed motor: This was invented by Emerson Motors. It is a added advance of the split-winding two-speed motor. It is characterized by alteration the affiliation adjustment so that the aforementioned stator ambagious can be aggregate by two altered pole numbers.

Two-speed motors are currently mainly acclimated for pulsator abrasion machines, and some are acclimated for boom abrasion machines, but they cannot be acclimated for boom abrasion machines.

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