Not much to say. Jagex should be afraid

Not much to say. Jagex should be afraid

So far as lurers go, I feel like it is just another drop in RuneScape Mobile gold the bucket of motives to seriously re-evaluate the area of Dangerous PVP in modern RS. If staking in the Duel Arena gets removed in reaction to government pressure on in-game gambling due to having the ability to buy gold with Bonds, the Wilderness is going to be on the chopping block too for the very same factors. And is that going to be a major reduction? You do not lose the gear you earn, and also the danger factor comes from getting the valuables from inside the PVP area out) could be the best way forward. And why I mention it here is that it would address the luring problem.

Not much to say. Jagex should be afraid of losing customers and start dropping the hammer when misuse such as the TH item pops up. They have the capacity to tell abuse so anyone that actually abused this deserves impacts, apart from TH drama. I must concur with your zone statement. When they added more precious gear to the wildy and you lost what you picked up trying to get out then you could actually find the wildy quite populated at some point which are a breath of fresh air for rs3.

They kinda follow the Bungie/Destiny rule of"if the coding needed a supervision and said abuser didnt modify runescape documents" its a mistake on the devs part not the only real part. On the im but being an economy based game, a few things must be handled better. Should those who used the infinite money chance be overly preoccupied? Any shortcut is a worthy one. Ancient bird and the pig, right? A sacrifice of suspensions or even ill gotten gains/funds could be fine if it was grossly game shocking. But you shouldnt ban a keen eyed scavenger.

Should they of back servers trigger Darklight was sososo broken at its rerelease for electricity? Clearly not. But early birds have plenty of wealth reason behind it. I'm kinda 50/50 on that one, I'd say it should be appraised situation to situation, together with the misuse of MXT for billions of coin thing that happened? I think that how to get money on old school runescape should merit some punishment for abusing something very game dividing on par with old's phat glitch. However, the darklight enthusiast? Nah, as yes was broken, but not to the point of gaining hundreds of millions of coins in seconds.