Along with RuneScape gold being a cloud of white squares

Along with RuneScape gold being a cloud of white squares


While AFKing Hellhounds, crackling procs. Along with RuneScape gold being a cloud of white squares, this particle effect persists for 2-5 minutes more on Mobile than on PC. Crackling lasted for 2-3 seconds then, and activated a full five seconds before taking this screenshot as one can see from the Crackling Cooldown debuff near the peak of the picture - on PC, this typically lasts 3-4 minutes. The next pair of screenshots deals with a different problem: Textures themselves not loading. This pertains pretty much exclusively... to leaves on trees.I have had 20 bonds saved within my dictionary for many years but haven't used it. - The most important thing which makes me look forward to enjoying runescape is holiday occasions. Until it started going downhill, we've had holiday occasions up till 2012. Now they do not even try. Not everybody is all about the 200m xp grind. I want and are not just aimed at whales who will spend thousands. If you are smart with your money you would not purchase it. You're better off saving the 20 bonds in ur pouch and hammering a bond only when an upgrade that interests you comes out.

If I want more membership beyond that I buy a bond to the GE, which I guess makes people more inclined to possibly purchase bonds but at the point it is so indirect I do not think jagex would notice a difference on my part. I might have not given money in any way to them. I have not. And I have a lot of pleasure with runescape when I am in the mood.

I have been fighting with this too. My compromise would be to try to utilize bonds and take the hit in my alt account. Until things change, or they really show they care in their community, I can't bring myself to give them yet another penny.Semi-unrelated, but when I quit RS and come back, the worst sense is trying to buy OSRS gold decide whether or not to purchase mems. RS stinks without membership, but then what if im not ready to come back? Now I've spent 13 bucks simply to see if I wanna play. Lol, no thanks.